Intimate Portraits of Bees

Researchers take advantage of photography technology developed by the U.S. Army to capture beautiful portraits of bees native to North America.

Photography by Sam Droege, USGS


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"All growing up means is that you realize no-one will come along to fix things."

— Elizabeth Scott (via lucifelle)

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Choi Xoo Ang’s Disturbing Sculptures

Choi Xoo Ang, the Seoul born artist and dark master of the imagination, has created sculptures at once hyperrealistic and completely nightmarish, making you feel as if your real life has bled into an inescapable, bad dream.

Twisted tongues, stitched backs and floating heads appear throughout Choi’s polymer clay figures, which display remarkable realism despite their fabulous content. Many of the pieces give metaphorical shape to real issues in modern day Korea, including human rights and abuse.

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Oh, hello pretty thing. The RealHusband would never, EVER be comfortable with me adorning myself with you. 

(He is not a fan of taxidermy. I respect that.)

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Skull Lady | Gerard Smith.

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✧*。⋆ more ✧*。⋆

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